This selection needs to set the "Min Value" and "Max Value", and the system will select all models in this range.
-Operation Demonstration
1. The initial value of the system is 0 to 300 KW

2. If you choose "Evaporator" or "Condenser", firstly select the “condensing temperature” or “evaporating temperature”.
If choose "R22 35℃ condensate water 25-30℃"
■ R22 35℃ condense, water 25-30℃
□ R22 40℃ condense, water 30-35℃
□ R22 50℃ condense, water 40-45℃
□ R22 60℃ condense, water 50-55℃

3. Select the required “Power Capacity” or “Flow Rate”. If you want to choose a 26KW condenser, adjust the "Minimum" close to 26KW, such as 20KW, and adjust the "Maximum" to 30KW, and the system will select all models between 20 KW to 30 KW.

* This "Quick Selection" is only a rough selection. For precise selection, please contact Baode Company.