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BAODE Plate Heat Exchanger Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese NO,1 Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturers pecialized in development. 
Production and global marketing of plate heat exchangers. Since the very start in 2004 BAODE has grown to one of the leading companies in China Plate heat exchanger market and has developed a big range of plate heat exchangers for any task Our main products are Brazed plate heat exchanger &Gasket plate heat exchanger & Air cross plate heat exchanger (Flat plate heat exchanger and frame and plate heat exchanger,welded plate heat exchanger).Our Braze plate heat exchanger include Copper brazed plate heat exchanger and Nickel brazed plate heat exchanger.Our mission is to help you to achieve the optimum solution with regards to performance efficiency, payback and energy conservation, whatever the application. This is based on a marketing orientation concept which makes us a highly valuable partner. Our combined experience in the plate heat exchanger industry, allow us giving the best technical recommendation for our customers and end users for applications such as:
Refrigeration Systems :  

    Economizers and Desuperheaters
    Air dryer
    Heat pump
    Absorption chiller

    Radiant Floor 
    Snow Melt 
    Boiler and  
    Solar water heat exchanger  
    Boiler heat exchanger 
    District heating
Other Industrial applications such as  
   Oil Cooler: hydraulic oil cooling, engine oil cooling, and fuel oil,Marine Oil Cooler  
   Heat Recovery and 
   Steam Heating 
   Flat plate heat exchanger  
   Beer wort cooler
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