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AIR CROSS Heat exchanger
Gas-to-liquid plate heat exchanger

BAODE AIR CROSS gas-to-liquid heat exchangers are a flexible solution that maximize efficiency while minimizing pressure
drop with gas media.

•    Exhaust gas heat recovery
•    Compressed air cooling
•    Charge air cooling
•    Condenser

•    Compact
•    Easy to install
•    Low level of service and maintenance required
•    All units are pressure and leak tested

The brazing material seals and holds the plates together at the contact points ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance. Using advanced design technologies and extensive verification guarantees the highest performance and longest possible service life.

Asymmetric channels provide optimal efficiency in the most compact design. This results in very low pressure drop on the gas side.

Cross-flow arrangement with open inlets/outlets on the low- pressure side ensures the lowest possible pressure drop when working with gas media.

The Air Cross heat exchanger can be built in modular systems, creating the ability to handle larger gas volume extending the performance efficiency to larger systems.

Technical Data

Standard materials
Cover plate Stainless steel
Connections Stainless steel
Plates Stainless steel
Brazing filler

Copper / Nickle

Dimensions and weight  
A measure (mm)

6 + (3.28 * n)

A measure (inches) 0.24 + (0.13 * n)
Weight (kg)

1.506 + (0.10 * n)

Weight (lb) 3.32 + (0.22 * n)
1 n = number of plates.


Standard data

Volume per channel, litres (gal) (D2–D4): 0.117 (0.0309)
Max. particle size, mm (inch)

1 (0.039)

Flow direction


Min. number of plates 20
Max. number of plates